About us

The Kitty String is an exclusive yo-yo String company founded in 2007. Providing a high quality yo-yo string product, carrying different variety of colours and materials that suits different yo-yo play style. 

Kitty String is one of the most durable strings in the country and can withstand basic to advance yoyo tricks like whip, suicide, and slack tricks. It has stable string tension that won't affect the flow of your trick while executing them.

Currently distributed in 20 countries. Kitty String has been used by most of the top players 
from different countries in Yo-Yo competitions, Yo-Yo Demonstration, Yo-Yo workshop and more

Our company is dedicated to produce great products that could help the yoyo players to enjoy more of yoyoing and achieve their dreams to become  yoyo champions.



Established in 2007

​Kitty String started in 2007, and founder Hiro Koba began to make his yoyo string in Manila, Philippines, and distributed first in the Philippines and Japan. Hiro was producing minimal stocks as his the only one who made the strings.

Along the way, players from some countries in Asia started to get interested in buying directly from Kitty String until Hiro decided to produce once again even a little amount to meet the request of players and stores.



Kitty String to the World.

In 2010 the news spread more to different countries as Kitty String started to be known as one of the most incredible strings produced in the market. This year Hiro Koba began to establish his string brand by building his factory and mass-produced the Kitty String to meet demand. As the production upgrade, the packaging was changed into stickers invented a new type of string called SLIM, NORMAL and FAT, naming them with simple words that people would easily remember. 


2012 onwards.

From the day Kitty String became one of the iconic yoyo strings for yoyo enthusiasts, the company is hearing tons of great comments, suggestions, and even success stories of using Kitty String in winning the contest and careers as performers.

Without the support of different people worldwide, Kitty String wouldn't exist. We are always grateful for your love for our company, and Kitty String will continue to develop and create incredible products for everyone.